Aspecte demografice ale plasei Baia Mare din comitatul Satu Mare, oglindite in recensamantul iosefin

  • Subiect: „The district of Baia Mare, located in the eastern area of Satu Mare County, includes all the shapes of relief (mountains, hills, plain) and this is a fact to leave mark upon the population’s life and evolution. The largest number of localities is located along the valleys that dig the territory, the Someş Valley especially. The Depression of Oaş and this one of Maramureş are also intensely populated, with a high number of localities. Apa and Medieşu Aurit are to be noted for their highest demographic density, in the area of the Someş Valley, a proper place for agriculture and for a better living standard so.”
  • Limba de redactare: română
  • Vezi publicația: Banatica
  • Editura: Muzeului Banatului Montan
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  • Anul publicaţiei: 2019
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